Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Eerie Tale

It being Hallowe'en (notice I still use the apostrophe to denote a contraction), it seems fitting to post a weird and thrilling tale, told by Minerva to the easily unnerved Dolly. The ill-fated Penelope is so elated to attend a dinner and dance at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, escorted by the devastatingly handsome Sir Herbert Longshot (be still, my rapidly-beating heart!). Attractive as it may be to be prone to swooning, poor Pen is truly in danger. Excusing herself discreetly, she withdraws to the ladies' toilet. There, she is so struck by the opulence of the fittings, that she loses consciousness and sinks gracefully to the marble floor.

"Eefmghwwfff!", Dolly cries out from under the covers.

For a rather tame ghost story from Ackermann's Repository, click here.

Sources: background picture, Penelope, frame

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