Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Better Neighborhood

Clearly, Dolly and Minerva are looking for something more upscale in a place to live. Doris and Mabel take them over to Brooklyn to view some attractive brownstone houses. The tree-lined streets and curving stoops are quite to their liking. Their first visit is to Astolat Castle. 

Astolat Castle is actually a dollhouse that is on display in New York City. From the website: Astolat Castle is nine feet tall and has 29 rooms, hallways, corridors and sitting areas that are complete with interior decors, furnishings, fixtures and miniatures of every type imaginable. It also features a Wizard’s tower, wine cellar, chapel, Knights of Columbus room, garage, kitchen, marble hallways, bathrooms, balconies, towers, and a ballroom. Each of the many thousands of miniatures within this 800 pound structure were built, bought, or commissioned to the highest standards possible. Fine interior craftsmanship throughout the dollhouse include hand-crafted parquet floors, elaborate working fireplaces, mosaics, hand-etched wood panels, carved wood moldings, stained glass panels and marble details.

It is worth 8.5 million dollars, making it the most expensive house per foot in New York City. 


Dolly and Minerva decide that it would be wiser to find a home of their own before enrolling Iffy in school, so they ring up Doris and Mabel to help them. The sisters are quite excited about it and arrive with a list of houses for rent. They make some calls and set out to view the properties. The first appointment doesn't go so well. It's more of an apartment than a house; so cramped and with no style whatsoever. Minerva, however, is enjoying the unfamiliar furniture styles. She's sure Mr. Rudolph Ackermann would appreciate the simplicity of Arts and Crafts furniture, especially the Morris chairs with pull-out foot rests and adjustable backs.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mrs. Quartermoon's School For Young Ladies

When Dolly and Minerva went to school, their parents chose Mrs. Quartermoon's School For Young Ladies, and excellent establishment that provided a sound education with a cheerful atmosphere. Mrs. Q. appeared to be a widow with two small daughters, but it was rumored that her husband had disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. Deve the Camel was a cherished pet of all the girls. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Iffy Must Go to School

With all the excitement of life in New York City, Dolly and Minerva have forgotten that little girls of ten must have an education. It seems that governesses are passé, and going to an actual school is how things are done in modern times. How to find the right school for Iffy? Dolly and Minerva arrange to visit a number of schools. They reminisce about their own good experience at Mrs. Quartermoon's School For Young Ladies. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Day Out With Doris and Mabel

Dolly, Minerva, and Iffy settle into a hotel and are met by their old friends, Doris and Mabel Arrow. The Arrow sisters are eager to show the Ackermann girls all the fun of New York City, and spend the morning sightseeing. At noon, they take a break by going to a sandwich shop. They try the various sandwich options on the menu: Doris orders her favorite Reuben, while Mabel goes for the Monte Cristo because she likes the jelly. Minerva tries the French Dip sandwich, Dolly takes the club sandwich, and Iffy takes a chance on peanut butter and jelly. "I want to eat this every day!", Iffy declares.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Willard Meets Minerva in New York

It's the long-awaited moment when the ship docks in New York and Willard and Minerva are reunited. All around them, people are hugging and kissing, but Willard, sensitive to Minerva's aversion to public displays of affection, plants a passionate kiss upon her hand. His bouquet of lush roses are just short of a vivid red, showing tasteful restraint. What a prize this man is!