Friday, May 9, 2014

A Day At The Lake

The gang goes swimming today! Doris and Mabel organized a swimming party at the lake, even installing some sturdy floating docks, which the young fellows wasted no time in using for diving and general horseplay. Although the Arrow sisters showed off their smart new bathing attire, Dolly, Minerva, and Delphine continued to honor Father Ackermann's admonition to avoid the fashions imposed on them. Dolly and Delphine came across as somewhat out-of-date, but poor Minerva had chosen a costume that was hopelessly antiquated. Did it dampen the ardor of Willard Henley? Not a whit! A romantic smile came over his face, and he was heard to be whistling the tune of "I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad."

My grandparents met on a New York City beach around1910. In those days, thick ropes were attached to the piers for non-swimmers to hold on to as the waves came in. My grandfather noticed a pretty girl holding on a rope, but still getting knocked down by every wave, coming up spluttering. He offered to teach her to swim, saying that her death would be on his conscience if he didn't. And here we are today!

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