Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Better Neighborhood

Clearly, Dolly and Minerva are looking for something more upscale in a place to live. Doris and Mabel take them over to Brooklyn to view some attractive brownstone houses. The tree-lined streets and curving stoops are quite to their liking. Their first visit is to Astolat Castle. 

Astolat Castle is actually a dollhouse that is on display in New York City. From the website: Astolat Castle is nine feet tall and has 29 rooms, hallways, corridors and sitting areas that are complete with interior decors, furnishings, fixtures and miniatures of every type imaginable. It also features a Wizard’s tower, wine cellar, chapel, Knights of Columbus room, garage, kitchen, marble hallways, bathrooms, balconies, towers, and a ballroom. Each of the many thousands of miniatures within this 800 pound structure were built, bought, or commissioned to the highest standards possible. Fine interior craftsmanship throughout the dollhouse include hand-crafted parquet floors, elaborate working fireplaces, mosaics, hand-etched wood panels, carved wood moldings, stained glass panels and marble details.

It is worth 8.5 million dollars, making it the most expensive house per foot in New York City. 

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