Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Iffy Starts School

When I was a girl, my mother had a close friend who had many unusual things in her home. Her father was an estate lawyer, and occasionally, when he settled estates after clients' deaths, he was made welcome to take home things no one wanted. His daughter was the recipient of many of these things. One that we had fun with was a receipt book from Miss Fine's School in nearby Princeton, NJ. The legendary Miss May Fine started a college preparatory school for girls in1899, at a time where very few girls (or very few people at all) went to university. In the 1960s, Miss Fine's School merged with the Princeton Country Day School (for boys) to become the co-ed Princeton Day School

Doris and Mabel went to Miss Phyne's School and recommend enthusiastically it to the Ackermann sisters. Iffy is impressed with the girls' sports program, and especially admires one girl who wears a feather tucked into a headband. 

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