Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mah Jong Party

The next week, Dolly and Minerva were invited to the Arrow home for a Mah Jong Party. "It's so much fun!" exclaimed Doris. "It's like a card game, but played with little tiles." "It's a Chinese game," added Mabel. 

Dolly and Minerva still could not imagine what Mah Jong would be like, but their new friends' enthusiasm was so infectious, they agreed to come. The next week, they arrived at Held Manor and a loud clickety-clacking noise was audible from the drive. The girls entered a room done up in a manner quite reminiscent of the Chinese apartments of the Brighton Pavilion. Seated on the floor around a low table were Doris and Mabel with four friends, all decked out in the most gaudy robes of silk brocade. "I love dress-up!" declared Dolly. "This will be fun!".

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