Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Arrival of Mr. Arrow and His Handsome Colleagues.

Chastened by the admonitions of their parents, Dolly and Minerva have promised not to be taken in by the temptations of the Arrow family at Held Manor. They are allowed to socialize with them, but not to dress in their style. However, there is much to tempt them at the moment, because Doris and Mabel's father has arrived. Mr. Arrow is a big name in the men's clothing industry and he has brought along several of his underlings. 

"I declare!" exclaims Minerva. "I have never seen such a gathering of handsome, well-dressed young men in one place!".  Not only blessed with classic profiles, they were a bright and energetic group, obviously bent on proving themselves in the business world. 

Dolly agreed, but added, "I'm sure I should have nothing to add to their conversations. Their health seems excellent, and the weather seems to be of little interest to them."

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