Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Publication Tramps

Recently, news went around that nearby Held Manor had been rented for the summer, and better yet, a jolly crowd of young, well-off people would be gathering frequently at the baronial hall. What entertaining parties were anticipated by the local residents! What opportunities to meet eligible men! 

Dolly and Minerva were so pleased to receive an invitation to a dance at the Manor immediately after the moving-in, despite a few reports of loud and raucous laughter and something that could scarcely be called music issuing from the old hall at hours when no decent person should be awake. Arriving at the door with a lovely garden pedestal as a gift, Dolly and Minerva are confronted with a sight they are at a complete loss to understand. What is that noise? What are those people wearing? Why are they leaping about in that frantic manner? Suddenly it dawns on them.

Publication tramps. Been there, done that.


  1. Brilliant. The redoubtable D & M conquer the Time/Space continuum. Or did they just fall through?

  2. Hi, Susan! I had D&M time travel a bit themselves, as they realized that Mother had done in her youth. So then I figured that images from other publications could just as well bum around in time. Wouldn't the jazz crowd love it?